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If anybody are around the space of 1 electric source, you can easily include ornamental lights while turn these items on when it is becoming dark. But, always acquire care in order to properly emphasize the town where your have pre-owned the cords. You can also style the post of that lights always on the higher of all of the tulle intended for creating some kind of enticing overall look of nights time.You can also cover any tables inside of the the special event tents am going to pink but also white table cloths.

Bring your actual own originally aid kits, prescription on top of that emergency procedure. Most service providers will provide it with first give support to and lots of medical assistance, but it’s got best on have a suitable kit nearby. And, merely because you’re venturing out on good adventure, nearest local drugstore may wind up as a few more miles outside.

To explore out if you’re doing within each range to your purpose heart rate, stop strolling to take a look at your heartbeat manually found at your hand (radial artery) or neck of the guitar (carotid artery). Another preference is to wear an electronic software that display screens your heart failure rate.

Maison du Tourisme Pays des Lacs (ex-Val de Sambre et Thudinie)

Le projet Sambre Rouge 14-18 est une initiative de la Maison du Tourisme Pays des Lacs (ex- Val de Sambre et Thudinie) et de ses partenaires.


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Ouvert 7/7 de 09:00 à 17:00. Jusque 18h00 les week-ends d’avril à septembre.


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